Alliance Strategy

Initiatives for enabling integrated contract management

Showa Precision Sheet Metal strives to mitigate extreme complexity of "Nokogiri (=sawtooth)" type contract management so as to deliver enhanced customer convenience. In order to achieve integrated contract management, we will form a powerful alliance with business partners with JIS9001 and JIS Q9100* licenses to build an integrated supply chain.


Sheet metal fabrication using 3D CAD

In order to produce products in complex shapes faster and in higher quality, Showa Precision Sheet Metal embraced 3D CAD from an early stage to build up a track record and technological know-how. The technology cannot only drastically shorten the duration of time from the design to deployment processes, but also enables high-precision fabrication, thereby cutting assembling time. We take maximum advantage of various benefits of 3D CAD to achieve advanced product quality and cost reduction at the same time.


Multi-type small-lot production to deliver premium-quality products

We are committed to delivering products of high precision and quality as fast as possible with minimal workload / time at an appropriate cost. What may appear to be a contradictory policy comes very naturally to Showa Precision Sheet Metal. There is no secret. Here is an easy-to-understand description of our work processes that make this policy achievable.


Company name

Showa Precision Sheet Metal Co., Ltd.


5-13-4 Higashi-Kashiwagaya, Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture 243-0401
TEL 046-231-2287
FAX 046-231-2286


Takashi Suzuki


Oct. 10, 1957

Paid-in capital

20 million yen


54 employees


  • The Bank of Yokohama
  • Shoko Chukin Bank
  • Japan Finance Corporation
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Yachiyo Bank


  • Producing airplane fittings
  • Producing X-ray inspection devices (OEM supply)
  • Producing railway rolling stock equipment
  • Producing various mechanical equipment